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Consumers! Cards! Cash-back! And . . . Leather Wallets? Podcast

Insights 21 September 2023
Consumers! Cards! Cash-back! And . . . Leather Wallets? Podcast

In Episode 161 of the Commerce Code Podcast, Kelli Hobbs, VP, Head of US Business Development at Valuedynamx, and Laura Kelley, Associate Director, Marketing at Valuedynamx joined Dan Currell, CEO of Digital Commerce Alliance to discuss recently completed research. This conversation covered many areas including: 

- Cash-back vs. points vs. other rewards

- Debit cards, credit cards, and leather wallets

- How AI might help tailor offers, points and redemption paths for consumers

Click the button below to listen on YouTube or visit any of your preferred platforms to hear the complete conversation. You can also download the infographic discussed for a quick synopsis of the results below. 

Loyalty Motivators infographic

Ready to learn more about our research? Download our infographic today.