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Maximize Customer Engagement, Drive Loyalty and Business Growth

Insights 30 January 2024
Valuedynamx Pay

Valuedynamx Pay With Points solution will diversify and differentiate loyalty programs, delivering more flexibility and value than ever.

In the fiercely competitive landscape of customer loyalty and engagement, Valuedynamx – a leading global provider of curated, data-driven purchase rewards – introduces its latest loyalty program innovation, Valuedynamx Pay With Points.

Valuedynamx Pay With Points helps brands with points- or miles-based loyalty programs (including airlines, banks, and credit card issuers) elevate their reward offerings through Valuedynamx's expansive and burgeoning global network of merchant partners.

This pay with points solution enriches the experience for loyalty program operators and participants alike. A fully digital program, Valuedynamx Pay With Points grants customers increased flexibility to redeem points for both aspirational and everyday purchases from their most beloved brands.

With Valuedynamx Pay With Points, loyalty program members exchange points for currency such as eGift cards, to be used with hundreds of popular brands across fashion, technology, food and beverage, travel, and experiences. Notably, customers can redeem points with brands outside the ones where they earned those points, encouraging more regular participation in loyalty programs and enhancing brand engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Valuedynamx Pay With Points ensures seamless and real-time delivery of reward currency, unlocking frictionless redemption and spending experiences for customers, whether in-store or online.

"Operating against a challenging economic backdrop means shoppers and businesses are looking for more ways to counter inflation and realize increased value. Our cutting-edge Valuedynamx Pay With Points solution represents the next step in loyalty program innovation, offering consumers, clients, and partners significantly more value through more diversified and robust redemption options,” said Paras Joshi, Strategy & Development Officer at Valuedynamx. “With convenience and choice top of mind for consumers when it comes to using their rewards, Valuedynamx Pay creates more opportunities to engage with the brands they love, significantly increasing their spending power, driving long-lasting loyalty and business value.”

By granting customers the autonomy to choose rewards aligned with their individual preferences, Valuedynamx Pay With Points solves the traditional challenges facing loyalty programs around lack of choice and flexibility. With a seamless exchange process and lower threshold for redemption, customers have more options than ever to earn, exchange, and use their points.

For example, customers can save points through an airline loyalty program to spend on a free flight or upgrade, or they may elect to redeem their currency for lower-cost alternatives, such as grocery shopping or dining out.

For program operators, Valuedynamx Pay With Points creates more opportunities to engage with customers and partners, encouraging higher levels of interaction and reducing churn. This increased frequency of engagement plays a pivotal role in fostering brand loyalty and boosting customer lifetime value, which invariably expands brand reach, encourages additional spend, and unlocks more possibilities for cross- and upsell engagements.

With an extensive global network of retail and card provider partners, Valuedynamx offers real-time program functionality seamlessly delivered locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.