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Take customer engagement to a new level with our pay with points solution

Insights 22 July 2022
Customer paying with points on phone

Valuedynamx Pay with Points

The most successful companies are constantly looking for new ways to build and develop rewards programs that engage, delight, and retain customers. So, could yours be more effective, more alluring, more relevant?

It could with our next generation part-pay, part-redemption, part-exchange solution. Its unrivalled flexibility gives your customers what they want: the freedom to spend their reward points on everyday purchases with the brands they love.

Every transaction makes a difference

Thanks to our unique expertise and precise data insights, we know that customers who redeem points on everyday purchases are much more likely to remain active. Small, yet frequent transactions boost long-term engagement – and each one helps to drive up your earnings.

Keeping members happy 

Pay with Points fits in with people’s lifestyle. Whether they’re online, in-store or using your web portal or mobile app, your members will be able to redeem their rewards currency for digital money vouchers across a huge range of merchants worldwide – including many of their favorite retailers and restaurants.

Strengthen the bond with your customers

In a constantly evolving world, customers appreciate a rewards program that enriches and enhances their life. With a pay with points solution, you can help them harness the value of their rewards, not just occasionally, but each and every day. As a result, your program can become an intrinsic part of everyday life, reinforcing the bond between you and your members.

Pay with Points gives you the power to:

- Keep your program relevant  
- Boost member engagement
- Deliver more value and choice
- Give members the freedom to use points when shopping

Find out how Valuedynamx Pay with Points can make life more rewarding for your members and deliver significant returns for your business.