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Kelli Hobbs Joins Valuedynamx as VP of US Business Development

Insights 24 August 2023
Kelli Hobbs Joins Valuedynamx as VP of US Business Development

Valuedynamx, a leading global provider of curated, data-driven omnichannel purchase rewards, today announced the appointment of Kelli Hobbs as the new VP of Business Development in the US. In this role, Hobbs will drive strategic growth initiatives and cultivate partnerships to enhance Valuedynamx's market presence in the US. Hobbs’ hire is in line with the organization’s continued expansion in the US market.

Hobbs brings impressive experience and a proven track record of nearly two decades in the loyalty, engagement and fintech sectors. Having previously held prominent positions at Blackhawk Network (BHN) and Connexions Loyalty Travel Solutions, Hobbs’ expertise spans business development, partner engagement, and strategic planning. Her deep understanding of market dynamics and customer-centric approach aligns seamlessly with Valuedynamx's aim to make brands more relevant to more customers through a wide range of earn and redemption solutions. Hobbs also has significant expertise in key verticals relevant to Valuedynamx, including travel, retail and financial services.

"Kelli has driven revenue and engagement with some of the largest gifting, travel and reward programs in the world. We are thrilled to welcome her to Valuedynamx, where she will help to accelerate adoption of our unique offers and rewards that result in customer engagement, and ultimately more profitable long-term relationships, for partners in the US,” said James Berry, Valuedynamx Managing Director. “We are delighted to continue investing in growth in the US market and expand our female leadership bench with a professional as talented and tenured as Kelli.”

The market is right for companies to delight their customers with relevant reward opportunities. According to a 2023 Consumer Pulse Survey from McKinsey & Company, even though consumers continue to spend money, they are looking for better value. Eighty percent of respondents said they are modifying their habits by opting for more budget-friendly options – up from 74% of respondents in 2022.

“I am thrilled to join Valuedynamx at a time when rewards and loyalty initiatives are critically important,” Hobbs said. “Consumers are increasingly shifting from brand loyalty to experience loyalty and looking for ways to offset inflation. Brands need relevant ways to engage these consumers, often with hyper personalized and digitized efforts. Effective rewards programs can be mutually beneficial: providing consumers with differentiated rewards that add value, and spurring brand loyalty and engagement for the brands that do them right.”

Prior to joining Valuedynamx, Minneapolis-based Hobbs held other relevant leadership positions, including VP of Channel Development for Wolfe, Senior Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships with Onbe, Head of Strategic Partnerships with Prezzee, Senior Director of Digital Strategic Sales with BHN, Director of BtoB North America for Smartbox Experience and Sales Manager for Connexions Loyalty Travel Solutions.  

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